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cycle tour

At the moment I have no idea what I was thinking.just now suffering from a range of minor ailments and I know tomorrow I will proud of tour I completed yesterday but for just now all I want to do is say ow alot.

The route for Tuesday

aberdeen city centre getting on to the B9119 (which runs parralell-ish to the A93 until a little before Aboyne where I get on to the A93 and keep on that for most of the way to ballater sometimes going on and off the deeside way. at Ballater I stop to get a small rear light and met a veteran cyclist who had recently salvages a nice looking frame from the skip. Unfortunately no picture of the bike. I get back on the road to Breamar again along the A93.

In Breamar I stopped for some lunch at Gordons tea room. This was where I overheard a couple that they were still skiing up at Glenshee which was a little dishartening. I also managed to have a look at an OS Map on the wall of the cafe and found that the high point on my journey according to my poor map reading skills 625m about 2050feet.

After lunch I set of for the long slog up to the high point at Glenshee the good thing about this road is that it is not a steep incline so I only needed to stop twice on the way up for a few minutes rest. When I reached the glenshee ski centre I met someone milling around and he confirmed that this was the top of the road. I took a couple of pictures at the top of the edge of the cairngorms and the edge of the Aberdeenshire - Perth and Kinross.

top of Glenshee

edge of the cairngorms national park

From the Cairngorms down to Pitlochry has some good views and went relatively uneventful.

I took 10 hours to get to the campsite, and about 2 hours to pitch tent, shower, eat, and get into sleeping bag most of which was waiting to get the food, 5 minutes after that I was asleep.

The Wednesday
when I got out of my tent I saw this
frost on the bike and tent

my route back to Aberdeen

I knew today was going to be tough if only because yesterday was the furthest I had ever cycled in a day and I was planning to do a similar length trip, but as it turned out it was worse than I thought mostly due to getting lost and taking small detours increasing the length of my journey and ending up going along the B974 which has some awful* inclines up to 16% according to the road signs.

The start of the journey was tougher than I expected because it was still quite cold and alot of up hill cycling over to Kirkmichael where I had a short break and a cup of tea. A short while after this is where I got lost and started heading the wrong direction. Finally found a place name I recognised Dykehead and knew that was in the direction that I wanted to go and would have been a good spot for lunch if the only place that looked open was in fact getting all the asbestos removed so no one was allowed in the building. that was a bit of a bugger this was followed by another wrong turn which took me to miles out to no where and required me going back through Dykehead before going coming to a pub miles further on in Memus which did have some rather nice food and luckily for me somewhere to charge up my music player a little.

At one point I saw a sign pointing to Edzall and Brechin but I never saw another sign to Edzall, this lead me to go to make my way over to Brechin and then to Edzall where I found a sign to Banchory. This in my mind was good as it would avoided the A90. As it was getting on a bit I rushed through all the little towns along the B974 and came to Cairn O'Mounth. About half way up I decided I could no longer cycle up the hill and had to just walk the rest of the way up to Cairn O'Mounth. walking up this hill was definitely the low point to the trip due to exhaustion and being at least 2 hours behind schedule. The one good thing about that hill was nice views across a large area, shame about the grueling cycle.

Cairn O Mounth

Once over the cairn a quick ride down and up a thankfully shorter but not much less steep climb which again I ended up walking a good deal to the top again before a good cycle along to Stracken bypassing Banchory back to Aberdeen.

All in all an epic journey (at least for me)
totaling 210 miles in two day
high points :-
Managing to cycle to Pitlochry
getting over Glenshee
Making it to Pitlochry in the time I wanted.
Making it back home.

The low point half way up Cairn O'Mounth just waning to quit and someone to drive 30 miles or so to pick me and my bike up.

*Maybe if I had a fresh set of legs I might of enjoyed it

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