aD (simplypeachy) wrote in ukcycling,

Farewell, trusty Claude Butler

My mountain bike has finally given up the ghost. I can't allow a new set of front brake calipers, suspension forks plus labour compared to the cost of a new bike.

It's survived over 10,000 miles with many of those during which it wasn't looked after properly. It's on the original set of wheels, forks and brakes (even front disc pads) but it's time I bit the bullet and got a new one. First time I've dipped into my savings to buy something but cycling is not just leisure for me; it's business and healthy-ness as well.

I do feel for the poor fellow at Petersfield Cycleworks. After calling me to say they couldn't find a replacement for the *other* front disc pad (they found a replacement for one of them OK) and that I should get a new caliper set, he then had to ring me ten minutes later to tell me they've discovered my front shocks are so shot the bike shouldn't be ridden!

Monday is new bike day. I'm thinking a Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 2010 as it pretty much meets my needs and my budget at the same time.

I'm as excited as I am exhausted-in-advance of trawling through the massive choice of bikes, if the above doesn't suit as well as I think. Don't want to part with my CB but one must have resolve at times of crisis ;-)
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