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UK Cyclists' Community's Journal

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

4:35PM - Erfurt

После отпуска внезапно навалились дела и заботы, поэтому раскрытие многих тем о том, как хорошо отдыхать, вряд ли состоится и мы активно будем херачить занимательные истории из Берлина. Последняя ночевка по пути домой была в Эрфурте, куда я прибыл не в меру уставшим. Я мало что знаю об Эрфурте. Можно было бы почитать Википедию и разбавить ее картинками, но я заметил, что Эрфурт не менее Берлина интересен своими граффити. Вот они.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

11:52PM - Devon Bike Hike

On Sunday I got back from a bike hike from East Hampshire to North Devon and back, with camping kit in tow. 525 miles and 46 hours of very rewarding cycling!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

11:09AM - Wiggle customer service black hole?

Has anyone noticed that Wiggle's customer service seems to have turned into a black hole in the last few weeks? I've got two outstanding tickets which have no replies - only auto-replies saying they'll be replied to in 12-16 hours.

They confirmed receipt of a returned item but the return order is stuck at "Awaiting stock" when there's been stock of the item every day.

Wiggle's customer service has been a point of very high praise for donkeys years in my experience...what a shame :-\

(btw - I did check my junk folder - there are also no email replies listed on my Wiggle account)

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Anyone able to help out with a charity bike ride?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

8:25PM - My first ride on the South Downs Way

I've lived in Petersfield in Hampshire, right by the South Downs Way, for about 16 years but I've never cycled on it! On Saturday I set this right and have posted my account of the ride on my personal journal.

Second trip is already planned!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Whilst I have googled, I'll be honest and cough that I've not done a lot of googling. However:

I have a (possible MY2006) Trek 3900. There's all manner of eyelets and spare bolts around the rear triangle. Any ideas as to where I'm best looking for a suitable rear rack (and hopefully) a read mudguard to fit said rack?

One of my plans for this summer is to be able to knock off the Trans Pennnine Trail, in a short as number as days as possible. The official blurb states four to five. I have heard tell of it being done in three. Does anyone have any experience of this?

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

9:03PM - World Naked Bike Ride

The UK's World Naked Bike Ride June events are closing fast:

"Every year, in cities around the world, people ride bikes naked to celebrate cycling and the human body. The ride demonstrates the vulnerability of cyclists on the road and is a protest against car culture."

This is definitely something I haven't done before, but I'm doing two other charity rides in June so I'm quite tempted by this. Southampton should be far away enough for no-one to recognise me :-)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

12:46PM - cycle tour

At the moment I have no idea what I was thinking.just now suffering from a range of minor ailments and I know tomorrow I will proud of tour I completed yesterday but for just now all I want to do is say ow alot.

The route for Tuesday

Tuesday (overcast with sunny intervals)Collapse )

Current mood: sore

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Interesting programme on Radio 4

Sunday, February 7, 2010

1:34AM - Farewell, trusty Claude Butler

My mountain bike has finally given up the ghost. I can't allow a new set of front brake calipers, suspension forks plus labour compared to the cost of a new bike.

It's survived over 10,000 miles with many of those during which it wasn't looked after properly. It's on the original set of wheels, forks and brakes (even front disc pads) but it's time I bit the bullet and got a new one. First time I've dipped into my savings to buy something but cycling is not just leisure for me; it's business and healthy-ness as well.

I do feel for the poor fellow at Petersfield Cycleworks. After calling me to say they couldn't find a replacement for the *other* front disc pad (they found a replacement for one of them OK) and that I should get a new caliper set, he then had to ring me ten minutes later to tell me they've discovered my front shocks are so shot the bike shouldn't be ridden!

Monday is new bike day. I'm thinking a Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc 2010 as it pretty much meets my needs and my budget at the same time.

I'm as excited as I am exhausted-in-advance of trawling through the massive choice of bikes, if the above doesn't suit as well as I think. Don't want to part with my CB but one must have resolve at times of crisis ;-)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

5:56PM - Slug Rd cycle

Today I went out for a cycle round a little bit of aberdeenshire near aberdeen city. I think i did pretty well considering the cold temperatures.

route taken
Aberdeen to Crathes then along slug road to Stonehaven and back up to Aberdeen via Portlethen and the CTC route 1.
between Stonehaven and portlethen I managed to get a little off the beaten track and managed to stray across a few fields left to lay fallow, traverse a burn or two and finally come across a Tesco where I was able to get a better idea as to where I was.

Going over Slug road was a blast as it is a main route between Stonehaven and Banchory but due to road works it's almost completely free from traffic. I only saw 5 cars along the 14 mile length of road. Admittidly its also a Sunday.

hopefully the following link will show a map of my route. It a bit sloppy at the start and at the end.


the rest of today has been getting warmed up and later eating a homemade curry.

Current mood: happy

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2:44PM - Bike lube

For commuting and weekend dirty stuff on a mtb, anybody know if GT 85 is up to snuff?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Twelve hours of nightshift has left me wrung out and feeling like pastry that has been rolled too thin. But in a fresher hour that now seems long in the past a ride was promised and despite a will fast weakening in the face of the siren song of a soft warm bed a ride will damn well be had.
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Monday, November 16, 2009


Well my past two rides have rather confirmed it - Summer is over. Chalk dust has been replaced with clay slip. The "wish you were here" photo messages sent to sofa incarcerated mates no longer feature buff sun drenched trails but a lot more mud and an ironic tone. Smiles for miles have been replaced with a grimace and maniacal glint in the eye - but the glares of overtaken redsocks have been replaced with knowing parental looks at the sheer amount of mud I am now transporting about the countryside and obvious thoughts of the trouble I am bound to be in with 'er indoors when I get home.
I like it when the summer comes and rolling resistance becomes a thing of the past, warm sunny days and fast rolling dry trails make rides double in length overnight.
But winter has its own other satisfaction. Knowing that half your routes will involve carrying the bike along trails lest it double its weight in mud and require you to carry all that too. Knowing that you are going to have to finish on lights because the sun will be gone before people head home in their metal boxes for rush hour. knowing that the winter grinding paste is shaving miles off the life of your drivetrain with each rotation of the pedals is easily paid for by seeing the world stripped bare, packed up in storage ready for spring and seeing that the only tyre tracks you are following are your own from the time before.
It all makes that effort to force yourself out the door into the weather more worthwhile when you get out there - so get out there!

Saturday, October 24, 2009



A petition to try to convince the government to encourage cars to give bikes a decent amount of passing space.

I'd write better, but it's nearly 3am.:(

Friday, September 25, 2009



I don't know if anyone else has seen these, but this has to be one of the
most rediculous wastes of money by a council. Speed bumps, for bikes? wtf?

They say they want us out of cars and on bikes to ease congestion, then
they put a speed bump in? I am just waiting for a congestion charge for

Suppose this is what happens if cycling policy is delt with by a non


Monday, September 7, 2009


Its official - there is no one faster down the side of a mountain on a bike than a Brit !

Go Peaty!

you can watch the action here

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

11:40AM - Unwillingly in the market

Came out this morning in my helmet with a pannier in each hand to find my bike gone.

I did the only thing I could, which was to go downstairs, change into my work clothes, and shift my lunch from my pannier to my shoulder bag.

Walking to the station, I realised what had happened. I left my bike unlocked last night.

Yesterday as I was cycling home I stopped at a local corner-store grocery. I locked my bike outside, bought my food, packed it in my pannier and locked my lock back onto the rack.

At home, I went to get my panniers off and discovered I'd accidentally locked one of them to the bike rack. I unlocked the lock, freed the pannier and -- I'm almost 100% certain now -- locked the lock back to the bike rack, instead of to the railings.

I'm kicking myself because I was just thinking last night about joining LCC and getting the damn thing insured.

It was an old beater that I bought second-hand in Cambridge a few years ago -- a Peugeot, hybrid, 5-speed, quite heavy, with battered rusty fenders and bike rack. I was perfectly content with it. Any suggestions for how to replace it on a very tight budget?


Just in case you wanted to treat yourself to a well earned snack after a long ride:

Thank you for contacting us about your visit to our Luton, Leagrave restaurant. Our aim is to provide 100% customer satisfaction and our customers have a right to expect excellence in all aspects of our business. We are therefore concerned when our service does not meet the expectations of our customers and I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to address this matter. I would like to clarify that McDonald's supports the health and environmental benefits of cycling, however it is our practice not to serve cyclists using the drive-thru lane or drive-thru service windows. The drive-thru facility is designed for motor vehicles and, on balance, we are concerned that use by cyclists could compromise their safety. In reaching this view we have consulted with our own Hygiene and Safety Department, the Highway Code, and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). I can appreciate that this is not your desired response and I am sorry if this causes you further disappointment. I offer my apologies again for your disappointment on this matter and I trust you can fully appreciate the rationale behind this decision and hope that you will not be deterred from future visits to McDonald's.

xposted a bit

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3:35PM - Panniers and racks

I'm on the look-out for a pair of panniers and accompanying rack for a few camping holidays I have lined up. Does anyone have any recommendations for good quality products? I'd like a fairly large, capacious and waterproof set.

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